Find creative teammates wherever you are

SSSHAKE locally connects creatives from different industries such as visual arts, dance, design, film, fashion, music, advertising, writing and more, to help creatives discover new projects together. Exclusively dedicated to creative collaborations.

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Hi everyone,

We truly believe that sharing and exchanging is essential as a creative. That is the reason behind the creation of SSSHAKE. Use it to find new collaborators, but also exchange ideas, feedback, and get inspired by local creatives when meeting them in person.

The SSSHAKE app Beta is now available from the UK app store, and the Android version is on its way. Don't hesitate to join out waiting list so we can inform you when the app is ready to download from your store:

If you're using the Apple Store UK we would love you to test it out and hear your feedback! Feel free to comments here, or email me at, if you have any questions or comments.

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