Helps you spend less time on email and more time on getting things done


Helps you spend less time on email and more time on getting things done

Spike is a modern communication and collaboration app which turns your existing email into simple, chat-like conversations. Spike helps you and your team spend less time on email, and more time on getting things done.

Our goal is simple: bring all of your communication -- your emails, chats, calls, team collaborations, tasks, everything -- to one place. It’s what your team has been looking for in a productivity and messaging app, but easier, and all from your inbox. There's life before Spike. And after Spike. Meet your most productive conversational email. Never look back.

I really like your presentation and would love to test if Spike fits into my workflow. But after reading your privacy policy I came to the conclusion to not even register for the free account.

You collect a huge amount of data about my behavior, content and my devices – also you leave a lot of room on how you'll use this collected data.

I'd love to give your service a try as soon as you'll reduce the amount of data collected to a minimum and explicitly state in your policy on how you're processing and using my email data (wasn't entirely clear from reading your policy).

Thanks and good luck!
@dense_design We understand where you're coming from. As users of our own product, we prioritize privacy and security. Spike treats ALL data with the highest level of security to ensure that your data is protected🔒. We’ll break it down:

➡️First, all message data is encrypted. We store the minimum data that allows us to provide you with an amazing email experience.
➡️In addition, we regularly take extra security measures such as external audits, to ensure that we offer complete security for our users.
➡️Privacy and security are our top priority and we never use, manipulate or share any of our user's data or information.

We believe privacy and security are *imperative* to being able to have any conversation and are among our core values at Spike. If you have any more questions, feel free to just shoot us a message [email protected] and we'll be happy to discuss.

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