#RoommateProblems shouldn't ruin anyone's life, or their bank account.

SpaceSplitter is forever changing the way roommates manage their relationships, and their household finances. We are building a platform that helps roommates split bills, collaboratively consume products, and at the highest level, manage their household as a group of individuals. 'OurList' is a feature being built on top of the SpaceSplitter platform, and it is the most efficient and cost-effective way for roommates to procure the $28 billion worth of products that they share each year. 'OurList' is a household shopping list of all the shared products, and partners such as Soap.com help fulfill these weekly and monthly orders while SpaceSplitter splits the cost of these orders fairly on the back end. Furthermore, we empower roommates to individually pay all of their shared bills (i.e. rent and utility bill payment) with the click of one button. SpaceSplitter isn't just another peer-to-peer payment solution that makes it easier to pay others back. Our value proposition is a proactive one that prevents "roommate debt" from ever occurring; SpaceSplitter eliminates “roommate debt” entirely!

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