Experience music and photography – together


Experience music and photography – together

Snapwave is the place to explore music through photography. Win rewards from artists and brands by participating in Photo Challenges based on songs. Experience music through photos submitted by the creative community and vote for your favorites. Follow great photographers, tastemakers, and artists to discover music and photography – together.

Snapwave private beta for is available for Spotify Premium subscribers on iOS.

Woot woot! Honored to be profiled here on BetaList. I'm David Blutenthal, our co-founder & CEO. Please post any comments or questions here and I'll respond!
As a team of music obsessed entrepreneurs, visual creatives, and photography enthusiasts, we see a massive opportunity to make music streaming more experiential and engaging, through a visual layer.

We believe that improving the way people creatively and emotionally connect to and through music, will improve lives and result in an economically healthier music industry.

It excites us most that we're fostering visual creative expression around music in a vital, artistic way.

To do so, we are transforming music streaming from something most people do passively with divided attention – to an active, engaging, and participatory experience.

For paid subscribers of Spotify (and soon to add Apple Music, Deezer, and others), Snapwave replaces the typical static album cover, with dynamic user generated photo-stories, anchored around any song.

The image content is fueled by Snapwave's user community and recording artists alike – enabling artists to connect with their fans in new ways.

The core feature we're launching with during our beta is Music-Photo Challenges. There are creative photo contests anchored around a song, which artists host, and fans participate in to earn rewards and exposure.

We can't wait to hear what you think of Snapwave and to see what you create!
when will members be able to access the app?
@beme94 if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and a Spotify Premium account., I will send you a TestFlight link to access it now. (while we're in private beta). Let me know
I do happen to have an iPod touch and a spotify premium account I would love to help debug this app and am looking forward to having the full application in the future
@beme94 excellent! Please signup at www.Snapwave.co and I'll send you a link via TestFlight shortly.
@dblut7 I signed up a few days ago and even got a gold but still no link
@beme94 I found you. Sorry for the delay and congrats on getting the gold status! I can see you got 10 of your friends to sign up!

Will add you now. Look for an email from TestFlight within the next 5 mins.

We've been backed up on adding new people while we finished the next version that we're pushing live today/tomorrow.
@dblut7 got it now thank you very much I have it now very excited for this
@beme94 at your convenience and if you're willing, I'd love if you wrote me an email to tell me a bit about yourself, and why you're interested in Snapwave's concept. hello(at)snapwave.co.
@dblut7 I will do that for sure but how do I put a picture on Snapwave for a song that part confuses me
And as a photographer I am looking to get my work shown in unique ways so this is great for me

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