Snap my tee!

Get a t-shirt with your own Snapchat snapcode

Snap my tee!

Get a t-shirt with your own Snapchat snapcode

Snap my tee! lets you create and order custom, designy t-shirt with your own Snapchat snapcode. Perfect for concerts, festivals and meetups — just ask your friends to snap your t‐shirt to add you.

Super cool idea. Like a young person's business card.

Do you have a long-term business plan for this (e.g. more media to put your snapcode on), or is it meant as a one-off product?
P.S. did you consider adding 'scan snapcode to signup' onboarding flow? People would scan the code on your site and you could automatically generate and send back a picture with their t-shirt. Include a payment link and boom, you've got a Snapchat product powered by Snapchat 😁

You could even do something similar with branding on the t-shirt so it becomes a viral thing.
@marckohlbrugge Hey Marc! I'm super excited that you liked our idea. We have some ideas for people to be able to personalize their t-shirts and I'm really intrigued by your 'scan snap to signup' concept although I'm not sure if it would work as smoothly as we're imagining it - I guess they would have to go to our website and have an option to scan their own code so that we can do all the magic automatically. Man, thanks! Now I can't stop thinking about it :D The second we launch I'd love to send you the final product so you can proudly hook-up with all the teens around you (what size are you wearing?) :D Cheers!
@filipwroblewski Yeah I'm not sure how feasible it all is technically since Snapchat doesn't provide an API as far as I know, but would be amazing if people could order a t-shirt of their own on the spot and pay with Snapcash.

Hooking up with all the teens around sounds kinda sketchy haha, but I'm a size M for American t-shirts and L for European standards. Can I be so bold and request one for my colleague @RPISH too? I'm sure she'd love it. Happy to pay for shipping/etc.
@marckohlbrugge Completely agree, well, we'll definitely experiment a bit with this idea, that's for sure.

Sketchy or not, it's all about the followers, you just need to get a white, window-less van and you're good to go :D

Sure thing, I will let you know about the exact sizing once we start finalizing all the details (probably American Apparel, but still not sure about that) so you can pick the perfect one for you and @RPISH :)

Have a good day sir!
@filipwroblewski Thanks. Haha, I'll start looking for a windowless van.

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