Smart Bill

Saves you money by cancelling subscriptions you forgot about

Smart Bill

Saves you money by cancelling subscriptions you forgot about

Smart Bill saves you money. Ever signed up to a free trial that started charging without your knowledge? We accurately identify all your recurring payments on one clean dashboard and cancel unwanted services in a single click. 60% of people have unnoticed subscription payments wasting £1bn+ each year in the UK alone. Common subscriptions include DropBox, Spotify, Netflix & Apple but there are thousands more.

We also keep an eye on your bills to protect you from unnoticed price hikes, duplicate payments and bank fees. Plus we have some really cool features on the way to save you even more money! Smart Bill has your back, we’re honest and we’re free…..yes really ☺


Please don't be shy! We will be more than happy to answer any and all questions!

So…just a little back story on this venture:

It came about because every so often we were surprised by subscription payments on our accounts for services that we didn’t know we were paying for! They often started out as free trials and converted to paid services that had been charging us for months on end! A little research with family and friends told us that this was a very common problem!

Subscription payments are tricky to spot because they are always comparatively “small amounts” hidden within a bunch of other transactions. This is different to Utility bills for instance which are separately highlighted as a Direct Debit by your bank for instance. The infrequent ones (i.e. quarterly or annual payments) are even trickier to spot but are worse because they are often larger payments that are taken without any warning! Then once its taken from your account its too late.

The other problem is that once you have identified unwanted subscriptions, companies don't always make it easy to cancel. So we decide not to spend our Saturday afternoons being put on hold while we try and cancel a smallish payment that occurs once a quarter. The companies know this and we can tell you these small payments add up over time!

So we went about making Smart Bill to protect consumers like us and this is broadly what it does:

- It will show you all your recurring payments, across all your different bank accounts in one place (big or small it doesn't matter, we aim to get them all!)
- It will give you the option cancel any payments where you want us to do the legwork and you would rather do something more enjoyable
- It will send you a reminder before any big recurring payments like insurance are taken from your account so you have the option to avoid auto renewing into an expensive automatic renewal.
- It will monitor all of your outgoing payments and alert you of any price hikes to your services that you were not expecting.

- In the future it will automatically shop for you so are effortlessly in possession of the best deals for your needs, all of the time.

Smart Bill will not:

- Sell your data to anyone
- Know your salary, transactions or balances because the data is anonymised (i.e. you are just a number in the system)
- Be able to move any money from your accounts

We are looking for a keen bunch of users who would like to come on this journey with us and let us know which features they would like us to add and which things they are less keen on.

We would be grateful in your helping us to make our product great and as a token of this we will send the 10 most engaged beta testers a free gift to say thanks.

Sign up and lets make something wonderful!


CEO & Co-Founder

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