Simplifying the way you manage forms & documents


Simplifying the way you manage forms & documents

SimplyDocs is a SaaS platform which allows you to create forms and document templates easily. The online forms can be used in a standalone manner, or you can embed them in your business application. With the help of document templates, you can generate prefilled business documents on a real-time basis either by mapping them with the forms or using API integration.

SimplyDocs API integration allows you to, generate prefilled documents and also get the form data into your business application on a real-time basis through Restful API integration. SimplyDocs also offers a flexible multi-stage approval workflow for your needs businesses and allows you to use your own AWS S3 bucket.

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Hi Kapil, nice product!

I've added some screen-recorded UX feedback, going over your landing page and other parts. Hope it helps!

Link: https://app.usebubbles.com/wPxLWXydnMcpQgg1KMsWn8/comments-on-simplydocs-cloud

Wishing you the best with your launch! 🚀

Hello Christian, I am in complete agreement with you. Thanks a lot for highlighting the small changes which can bring significant impact.

I sincerely appreciate your feedback & will be making the necessary updates within the next 24 hrs.

As a thank you gesture, we will give you (https://twitter.com/cpipo_) a shout-out on our social media handle. I believe you should be OK with that.


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