Sharon, your PA

Takes care of the admin in your life so you can go live it

Sharon, your PA

Takes care of the admin in your life so you can go live it

Sharon is an always online virtual PA whom you interact with via Facebook Messenger. She gives you extra time in your life. Whether you need a morning briefing an email proofed or a critical report researched and delivered; she is there. Alternatively, perhaps you need the nearest hotel, flowers sent to your partner or all of your inbound messages auto-responded to? Think of Sharon as a real human PA who lives in your phone.

Hi all, we're delighted to showcase Sharon on BetaList.

Once you join the Beta list you can go say hi to Sharon and get to know her before she starts working for you full time. The top 50 people on the list get her as a free PA, for life!

Happy to answer any questions you all may have.
I'd love a free PA for life eheh :)
Does it have Turkish language support?
Does it respond while iPhone sleeps? like "hey Siri"?

Hi ya, nothing for Turkish language at the moment. Multiple languages is in the pipeline - no timeframe yet though.

Sharon works through Facebook Messenger. Like you'd communicate with friends and family, you can communicate with Sharon. At the moment, Facebook Messenger doesn't integrate with Siri. As soon as they open up the integration, you'll be able to say something like "Hey Siri, tell Sharon to set my out of office on Facebook Messenger".

Facebook Messenger does have a speech to text option. So you can dictate commands to Sharon and she'll get right on it.

Hope that helps.
@deanwithey Thanks for your reply. Does Sharon learn by herself? Does she have deep learning?

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