Free contactless digital menus management


Free contactless digital menus management

Scanly aims to help small businesses fight the pandemic. Free, fast, simple and user-friendly digital menus with QR codes should make business safer and increase sales by 20-40%.

Hi BetaList! 👋
I'm Marat, founder of Scanly. This is my side project that I have been working on recently. Day X has come, I finished the project, it's time to launch here.

We are going through a difficult time, I thought how I could help, and decided that this is not a bad idea. Of course, the idea is not new, but I tried make it well, better than we have now.

Considering that I completely did everything myself, design and development, perhaps this does not yet have a lot of the necessary functionality.

So, if Scanly has users, I plan to add:
⭐️ Direct Payments
⭐️ Covid Trace (in some countries this requirement)
⭐️ Online booking and order

If any of you have someone who needs such a service, I would be happy your recommendation.

And I really excited about your feedback.


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