Personal portable thermostat for the most comfortable room temperature


Personal portable thermostat for the most comfortable room temperature

Rumy brings portability to thermostats. It is a wireless and portable controller that works with smart thermostats like Nest, Ecobee and Honeywell etc. It remotely senses room temperature and adjusts automatically. With Rumy, you can change the temperature setting without getting up from the bed with a one step simple dial. So, next time you feel cold in the bed, don't reach for an extra blanket and waste electricity the whole night. Just use Rumy to adjust temperature to your desired comfort level.

Rumy turns off the AC once the bedroom gets to the desired temperature. It saves few minutes of AC run time in every cycle and thus tens of hours over a month. This way, Rumy has a payback time of just a few months and keeps saving thousands of dollars for the rest of its life time.

I was under the impression that thermostats like Nest are wifi-connected too. Am I wrong? If so, are you worried about them becoming connected at some point? What would that mean for Rumy?
Rumy works as an add-on/extension for Nest thermostat. Nest, by itself is wifi connected. However, because it is physically wired to a location, you cannot carry it around the house or place it in a location you want. Rumy eliminates the shortcoming of Nest and gives it portability.
@RumyTech But if the Nest has wifi I assume it's accessible through an app right? Doesn't that make it portable? Just trying to get a better understanding of how Rumy works :)
Your questions are perfect :)

Yes. An app can do the job, but it has few limitations.

We think that an app is good for controlling when you are away from home.

The process of controlling from phone involves turning the phone ON, unlocking it, run an app and adjusting temp. This can get annoying very quickly after the initial exciting phase.

Think about a situation where you don't have any dedicated track change button to your car stereo. Will be annoying, right?

Also if I wake up in the middle of the night, I really don't want to play with my phone because that disrupts my sleep really bad. Rumy is one step.

Another important limitation is that phones don't have an ambient temperature sensor. This is mainly because they are by themselves heat generator and also, what if you want to put the phone under your blanket? The same goes for wearables. When you are inside a blanket ambient temperature reading from wearables can be few degree off than actual, which can render a very uncomfortable heating/cooling situation. Rumy doesn't have these problems.

@RumyTech Ah right, I think I get it. Basically Rumy extends the temperature sensor of something like a Nest. – As for not wanting to take out your phone to change something like the temperature I can totally relate. I have wifi-controlled lights, but I often still end up using the light switch because it's quicker. Once Homekit/Siri-integation becomes more prevalent, that will be less of an issue though. Still, I can see the appeal of having additional sensors throughout the house :+1:
@marckohlbrugge :) Thanks, exactly. Its probably not obvious when someone is not already using a phone to control lights. But you understood our point beautifully.

We do think that voice integration will add a dimension to smart homes..but it will not obscure a physical switch. They both have their role in the future homes.
I typed in notepad and pasted. I didn't realize that my line breaks didn't work in this text box.

Also are you thinking of an edit/delete feature?
@RumyTech Support for line breaks will be added soon! We'll add support for editing and deleting too, but they are a bit more complicated. (e.g. what happens to any replies if the parent comment is deleted)
@marckohlbrugge Thats true. But I also want to be able to edit/delete if I made an embarrassing error/mistake. Its a design decision I guess.
@RumyTech What we'll probably end up doing is replacing deleted comments that have replies with "This comment has been deleted by its author." – That way the comment thread stays intact, but you still get to delete any mistakes / sensitive info / etc.
@marckohlbrugge That sounds like a good idea. Also can have a time stamp record for any edits so there will be no confusion about a comment being irrelevant. Just a thought.

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