Real-Time Crypto Arbitrage & Token Insights


Real-Time Crypto Arbitrage & Token Insights

Roostoo unleashes real-time blockchain, cryptocurrency, and market data insights to benefit the users of digital assets. With a free mobile app that offers a clean user experience, we are bringing intuitive, convenient and actionable information transparently to every downloader.

The app offers free real-time arbitrage rates, 1-sec frequency update, GitHub activities tracking, and many other insightful token metrics! Please stay updated with upcoming additional features.

We have launched our app on Android! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roostoo.roostoo&hl=en_US

Roostoo is a simulated crypto exchange mobile game for beginners to learn about crypto investing without risking their money, and experienced traders to practice trading strategies with real-time market data.

1. Real-Time
Real-time price updates. Live and historical price charts with instant market movements. Test investing strategies live without needing to spend real money.

2. Risk-Free
Roostoo provides a safe, realistic environment for people to climb the crypto learning curve at zero cost.

3. Instant Ownership
To start off, users will receive 50,000 virtual USD in their mock portfolios. Place buy and sell orders just like on an actual exchange. Order History that shows a comprehensive record of your trading activities.

4. Mock Trading Competitions
Invite and challenge your friends in mock trading competitions. Just like Fantasy Football, have fun competing to see who’s the better investor.

5. Mock Leverage Trading
Real-life leveraged trading too risky? No worries, use Roostoo to practice leveraged trading at no cost for free! Your time invested practicing could get your 100 times return in real markets.

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