An infinitley portable, wireless record player

RokBlok is the world’s smallest wireless record player, that plays your favorite records by lightly riding on top of them. Rock out to your favorite albums anywhere, using its built in speakers, or wirelessly connect your favorite bluetooth speakers or headphones for a bigger sound.

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This is pretty awesome! Good going guys. This should be a product sold through also, check them out guys, see if you could possibly land a deal, they sold $1M in Vinyl in just 8 months. The community will love this.
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Like so many things, it looks like Reply Yes may be exclusive to that usual country, but they have a Messenger bot, and with a third party service maybe I can use them to get some vinyl.
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@DavidSm01184909 Thanks for the love! I’ll definitely have to check ‘Reply Yes’ out!
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The 20% discount, low GBP/USD value, and British customs charges make it more affordable to buy at the full price on a trip to the U.S, and I'm interested! Does it use Bluetooth 4.0?
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@ianmayman Thanks Ian! Yes, RokBlok does use a Bluetooth 4.0 module.
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Hi Everyone! Just wanted to give a bit of an introduction!

Last year I went to meet some friends at a park after record shopping. I had just found one of my favorite records, “Come to my Garden” by Minnie Riperton and I wanted to play it for all of my friends, but then I realized how difficult that would be. We would have to leave the park and then cram all of my friends into my 300 sqft apartment…which wasn’t happening. The day after that, I began work on RokBlok, a record player that you can take anywhere.

I’d love to answer any questions you may have about it!


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