Respond Flow

MailChimp for text, Build customer relationships with text messages

Respond Flow

MailChimp for text, Build customer relationships with text messages

Respond Flow was created to help business owners and agents communicate personally and conversationally with their customers.

Respond Flow was made as the result of a personal need. After months of trying to increase the conversion rate of our already validated leads through emails and cold-calling, we experimented with text and saw a 233% increase in conversion. However, we could not find a software that allowed us to use a 10-digit number the customer could call AND text back to. That now exists thanks to Respond Flow.

This is so great! The future of marketing and relationships!
Hey, BetaList!

Martin Lien here Founder &CEO at Respond Flow.

Our team have been working very hard to bring you the first ever text message marketing platform built to offer a truly relational approach. With dynamic fields + smart drip campaigns + personal welcome messages, so you can focus on what matters most; the follow-up, not the outreach.

We hope you enjoy what we built.

Thank you for supporting!

Can’t wait to check out more!! Something could potentially help my business a lot!!
RespondFlow is the best! It helped us turn $10,000+ of dead leads into customers. Thanks guys, excited to see you featured!
Keep up the good work, RespondFlow Team! Your product can help companies be much more humane and productive with their lead gen & conversion. That core mission that is essential in a digital world that is infected by the dark side of marketing. Best of luck!
@eccohimself Thank you for your support Ecco! We couldn't agree more, and hope to be able to bring personality back into business communications!
RespondFlow is changing the game! Why waste time sending emails that don’t get opened when I can use text-based marketing that sees an open rate of 98%? I love the innovation behind this! Great job guys!
@Bradbish7 Thank you for supporting us, Brad!

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