Enables you to manage recruitment the way you do sales


Enables you to manage recruitment the way you do sales

Recruiterflow is an integrated talent CRM and marketing suite. It enables you to create personalized automated drip email campaigns that deliver to primary inbox and increase your conversion by 32%. With recruiterflow, you can manage and track touchpoints with your candidates and manage the entire interview process with powerful automation. It is kind of like hubspot for recruiters.

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We're so excited to share Recruiterflow with Beta List! We created it because we realized something while we were recruiting in our previous companies: Recruitment is a lot like sales/marketing. However, recruiters don't have access to tools as sales people or marketers do.

According to a LinkedIn survey, only 15 percent of candidates are not even open to considering a new job. That means an overwhelming 85 percent ARE open to a new position. ATSs are no more than a data logging software which results in companies losing out these candidatess. Recruiters today need not just an ATS but a full stack recruitment platform like Recruiterflow.

With Recruiterflow, you can not only track applicants, create stunning careers page, log data automatically, post to job boards (and all the other things ATS does) but also source passive candidate across platforms and run super personalized drip email campaigns on them.

Happy to elaborate further!
Look promising, I want to try this product out. Reach out to me at twitter.com/_ashish278
@_ashish278 Thanks Ashish! Just DM'ed you. Looking forward to having you onboard.
Here are some things you can do with Recruiterflow

Source More
- Source Candidates from various social platforms using our Chrome Extension
- Find email address for people not in your network
- Run super personalized recruitment drip email campaigns on your candidates
- Email open tracking, reply, campaign reporting
- Integration with leading job boards for publishing your jobs
- Customised careers page for your company
- Employee Referral
- Job specific email address for adding candidates

Structure your recruitment
- Create interview plan and assign tasks
- Versatile hiring roles
- Powerful candidate profile
- Candidate data enrichment
- Interview Scorecards and Skill Ratings
- Notes for internal collaboration
- Custom process for each job opening

Deep integration with GSuite
- Integration with your calendar
- Two-way deep sync with your email
- Google Sign-in support, so your team members don't need to remember any user name or password
- Security and Privacy

- Automatic data logging, so that you don't have to waste time logging data manually
- Automatic task creation based on employee role and candidate status
- Automated reminders to candidates and employees

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