Everything you need to turn your app realtime


Everything you need to turn your app realtime

Realpub is a real time data delivery platform that provides developers to turn his web apps into real time, easily. With brief time, you can implement a chat room, a visitors count, what you need with Realpub.

We has a dead simple API, that anyone can implemented and it's very easy to get started and turn web apps with real time features.

Hi! First of all, thanks Betalist, for opportunity. Often, some developers want to implement realtime functionality in their application, but they do not have the time or knowledge to deploy both on the server and on the client side.

But Realpub has the proposal to facilitate this in a very simple way. It is a real-time data submission platform, where you easily make your application realtime using our Javascript SDK.

With a few lines of code you can create events that will be sent to all connected users on your site instantly.

Realpub has a super simple JavaScript API, only 4 methods. You will notice the ease in the moment you use, because simplicity of use is one of the features of the platform.

Who wants to check and test, just register. It's free and in less than 1 minute you can offer a realtime real experience to your users.
We're in beta. Any questions, suggestions, I am at your disposal. Thank you!
Realpub is awesome! The easiest way to add real time to any project with just a copy and paste!

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