Discover and organise events


Discover and organise events

radius is a platform for organising and finding events.

Our value proposition:- - A clean user interface and a great user experience for finding new events - Being an organiser is free (no monthly fees!) - You can promote your event to make it stand out in our events listings - Sell tickets for your events - We provide a means to deter no-shows from free events

Hey folks, I'm the maker of radius.

This platform is being built primarily for people looking for things to do, or to organise.

I started building it out of my own personal frustration that even in the age of the internet, something great could be happening in the building next to you, and you wouldn't know it unless you had checked out the Twitter or Facebook or (insert social media platform) page that they were advertising on.

It takes so much energy just to find out what's happening around us, and I've missed tons of events in the past. The events space is also a bit of a tangled mess of for-profit platforms with sub-par UI/UX (Meetup/Eventbrite - why no map views?!), and open-source platforms trying to fill in the gaps. This is an attempt to solve that problem.

Examples of events/activities we hope to list:-

- A regular meetup
- An online conference
- An impromptu study group
- A street artist, or busker wanting to let people know when they're performing
- A large music festival
- Scheduled online events, like YouTube/Twitch streams

Anything that comes under the umbrella of "stuff to do", we'd like to list it.

Personally, I'm extremely excited to get this launched to see what people think (hopefully the feedback won't be too brutal, hehe), and to get people doing things again, after the madness of covid-19!

If you're interested in being a beta tester, or just want to get updates on our release - put your email in here >> https://www.radius.to/launch

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