Pusher Chatkit

Developer-driven chat done simply

Pusher Chatkit

Developer-driven chat done simply

Pusher Chatkit is the new Pusher service that adds chat to your web and mobile apps. With Chatkit, you can add chat to your app in a matter of hours, not weeks. It is a specialised Chat API solution that makes it easy for developers to add cloud-hosted messaging services to their mobile and web apps.

The Pusher Chatkit API and SDK are flexible enough to let developers build a multitude of chat features. Whether they are building a game and want to add player-to-player chat or a collaborative tool that needs a way for users to easily communicate, Pusher Chatkit can help get those features in the hands of customers in a short timeframe. We support iOS, Android and JavaScript with more coming soon.

Nice! I’ve been looking for something like this. I’m assuming a Ruby SDK is in the works?

Would it be possible to format the messages server side before showing them to the user? I want to do some processing that cannot be done as easily client side.
@marckohlbrugge There's a Ruby SDK already for doing things like authentication, user creation, and setting up roles and permissions.

It should be simple enough to add support for sending a message using the Ruby SDK as well (you already can if you're happy making the request "manually" and you just use the SDK to generate a token).

So you could definitely proxy a request to send a message from a client to your server and then use the Ruby SDK to help out with sending the message from the server.

Anyway, the docs for the Ruby SDK can be found here: https://docs.pusher.com/chatkit/reference/server-ruby

Let me know if you've got any further questions or feedback!

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