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Proxi Prospect

Grow your email list with Proxi’s lead magnet tool

Proxi Prospect is a transformative lead generation tool. Here’s how it works: 1) Create a Proxi map, pinpointing locations of interest to your audience 2) Design a customizable email capture pop up 3) Share your map! 4) When folks are exploring your map, they’ll be prompted to enter their email to stay in touch with you. 5) Export your lead list, upload to your CRM and cultivate these leads further.

By capturing your audience within your Proxi map you’re collecting high-intent leads backed by comprehensive analytics. Leveraging insights on their interests, location, and demographics from Proxi, you can tailor your campaigns to optimize for engagement and conversions.

20% off Proxi Pro Annual Plan for one year. Coupon Code: PROXIPROSPECT

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