Hyper flexible voting boards, roadmaps, and changelogs for SaaS


Hyper flexible voting boards, roadmaps, and changelogs for SaaS

ProductLift is a prioritization, roadmap, and changelog tool for SaaS product managers, project managers, and marketing strategists. Upvote features, define a roadmap, and present product updates. Let's lift your product!

Making product decisions is arguably one of the most essential aspects of running a business. Every 1 out of 5 products fails to understand and satisfy the customer's needs. Time is wasted developing the wrong features. ProductLift is a tool designed specifically to prevent such waste.

Hi Betalist!

This is Ruben, founder of ProductLift.

My product Boei began to grow a lot. Daily, many people ask me to make an integration or new feature. Generally, I am open to making all of them, but I need to prioritize my efforts.
That is why I build ProductLift.

This helps for multiple reasons:
- I can update all users for a specific idea
- I have a location where I can talk to interested users about a specific idea
- I have a location to add my thoughts (using internal comments and attachments)
- I can add the user or I can save the reference (for example to an IH post where someone is asking for an integration)
- Users can browse the list of ideas and vote for the ones they also like
- I can show my users I care about them and are building things that get a lot of votes

While using my solution, I thought: maybe I can help fellow product owners/founders.
So that's why I launch ProductLift! 🥳

My USP: It is super flexible:
- Custom tabs (and you can select their content, e.g. list, changelog (=shows a comment that you tagged for the changelog), cards, roadmap (=uses sections)
- Custom statuses (e.g. new, declined, maybe later, etc)
- Custom domain
- Custom CSS (reach out to me for this)

Hope ProductLift can be of service to you!

Let's lift your product!

Let me know if you have any questions, happy to help :)


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