PR Requests

Get quoted by elite journalists when they write new articles

PR Requests

Get quoted by elite journalists when they write new articles

PR Requests helps you help a reporter out by responding to PR Requests and get quoted by elite journalists in media outlets read by millions! Subscribe for free today to start searching our database and get our newsletter 🚀

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When journalists need an expert source for a new article they post requests like “I’m looking for a tech founder who's moving to Asia and not raising VC for a new piece about digital nomads”

They post these requests in dozens of places online like HARO, group chats, Twitter, Facebook Groups, Reddit, etc

If you want to get press coverage, responding to these requests is your best bet––BUT monitoring thousands of these requests is basically impossible, especially because they’re often anonymous

To solve this, we source them all for you every hour, match them to our journalist database to de-anonymize them, then make them all searchable

While this PR strategy used to take hours of work every week, with PR Requests you can maximize your coverage with less than 5 mins of work every day

Unlike competitive products like HARO, we offer both a daily newsletter of requests + a search engine for FREE

If you want to respond to a request directly, you can get full access to the service for $69/mo! If you use our discount code BETALIST you can get 40% off forever 👍

I’m around all day here & on live chat if you have any questions or need any help!

– Matt, Aaron, & Andrew from Press Hunt
Feedback for the product:

As someone who subscribes to HARO, even $41 a month seems a bit high just for the ability to respond. In my experience, most HARO requests are not anonymous and show you the publication and journalist. And HARO is free to respond.

Realistically, the ability to search for me is not a feature. I want to respond to timely requests from journalists, not bug a journalist who might have written an article on the subject a few months ago.

So, overall, I would say the value isn't clear to me on how you improve on HARO.

Personally, rather than de-anonymized requests, I want a machine learning engine so I can mark requests as Ignore / Might be Interested / Interested, and it can learn over time to not send me the ignored ones. The vast majority of requests I read on HARO are not relevant for me, and a waste of my time. Timely relevant requests would be a value.

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