Manage sales directly from Instagram DM


Manage sales directly from Instagram DM

Ponyhelper is a CRM for Instagram with integration directly into DM via a browser extension. Thanks to the extension you can see additional buttons and labels right in Instagram DM: they allow you quickly create new deals, assign specific products to each client, recognize client statuses, change them and send instant replies.

In addition to the extension, there is a Dashboard where you can create your own product lists, statuses and messages. Also, you can find all your clients and sort them by status, track their order history and details.

Hi there! It's Artem from Russia🍺, currently living in Lisbon🐟.

Initially, I made this extension for my wife because she was struggling to manage all her clients there. She teaches Chinese and sells Chinese courses, coaching and stuff. Gradually, she gathered quite a few students and clients and it was annoying for her to scroll through all of the chats in Direct, permanent anxiety to lose someone or forget to reply.

So I made a kind of CRM, but simpler and intended only for Instagram. This contains a simple dashboard where you can create product positions, custom statuses/stages, and prepared instant messages. And it has extension itself that connects Instagram and Dashboard and adds some buttons near each chat where you can set the status and products of a deal.

That said, the main goal of Ponyhelper is to make life easier for business owners and account managers and get things organized.

If you have questions contact me on twitter.com/f1ashag

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