Plate Up

Recipe app that lets you do a food shop in 5 minutes

Plate Up

Recipe app that lets you do a food shop in 5 minutes

Plate Up is an app that lets you do your weekly food shop in 5 minutes or less. It allows you to order the ingredients for recipes, by top culinary experts, and get them delivered by your preferred supermarket (UK, iOS only).

Some of Plate Up's key features: *Recipes tailored to dietary preference and household size *Ingredients automatically added to basket *Checkout with your preferred supermarket *Save your favourite recipes

Hey Beta List!

We started Plate Up with the vision to take the hassle out of food shopping and to stop that dreaded question: what’s for dinner?! At the core of our design, we’ve put our users’ experiences, frustrations and valuable time. We created the app to help people to easily select meals made by top culinary experts, order the ingredients for those meals from their local supermarket and relax while they’re delivered to their door. Once the ingredients arrive, users can cook the meals by following our simple instructions in the app. We’ve chosen iOS (UK only) as our first destination, and we have a web-based application in the works!

Here’s some of Plate Up’s best features so far:
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Recipes tailored to dietary preference and household size
🗑 Ingredients automatically added to basket
💸 Checkout with your preferred supermarket
❤️ Save your favourite recipes

We’ve had 7,500 app downloads so far and would love for the BL community to try out our app. You can start your 14-day free trial by clicking here: https://plateup.app.link/betalist

We’d love to hear your feedback and comments!

Love this idea. I suffer from this problem constantly.

PS. Looks like the "VISIT SITE" button is broken but the website is still definitely working.

@dziczkzw Hey Zak, so glad to hear you like our concept! With Plate Up, you'll never run out of meal inspiration.

And thanks for pointing that out, hadn't noticed!

Plate Up website: https://www.plateup.app/
Hi, I hope you are doing well.

I tried to check the website, but it's not working. Would you like to have a video and animation designer for your app to create videos and animation for your application to promote it? let me know.


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