Desktop app to prototype, create, share and deploy websites

Pingy gives web designers a simple and complete UI for creating, sharing, and deploying websites. Quicker client feedback and website iterations. No more configuring build tools. No more messing with the command-line.

Pingy includes everything you need to go from concept to prototype to deployment.

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So it's kind of like an alternative to Gulp without the configuration? What CSS preprocessors and JS variants is it able to compile? Does it support source maps?
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@markhorgan Yes, that's part of the story. It currently supports Babel, CoffeeScript, Jade, Less, Sass and Stylus.

There's more to it than that though. It also does Live Share, which gives you a public URL that mirrors your site exactly as it is on your local machine. If you make a change then the Live Share is automatically updated without needing a browser refresh.

Deployment is pretty sweet too. Deploys with Pingy will be free and include SSL and HTTP/2. Even if you cancel the Pingy subscription, your site will still stay online. It's important to me that nobody is locked in. :-)

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