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Personalico is the easy and effortless way to build your online personal website. With Personalico you have a standardized web page structure, rigorously studied for the best accessiblity, user experience and engagement. It's like medium but for personal websites

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@gl1tchw1tch Thanks for your appreciation! Any feedback is welcome!
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What makes Personalico better than an page?
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@askdaylen Thanks for your question! That's actually a good point. offers a simple single-purpose, page without the possibility of customization. Our service, lets you create your personal website, which is not just a single page, but multiple highly customizable pages, with a standard layout studied for best UI/UX. We're still at the beginning, but we hope to make a dent in the huge market of website builders, also thanks to people like you, that could help us understanding the right vision, the right purpose that will help make Personalico, your first and unique website builder :)

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