Personal User Guide

Help others to get along with you better

Personal User Guide

Help others to get along with you better

Personal User Guide is a brief user manual for a person. It’s just like the kind that comes with a coffee machine or a vacuum cleaner.

It can help you to get to know each other better, build a good relationship and get a lot done faster. Both at work and in your private life.

Each personal user guide contains five aspects that describe the person. We invented this guide and based it on the Big Five personality model.

Everyone you give access to your guide will read it from his or her personality perspective.

👋 Hello!

I'm happy to share Personal User Guide with you. It lets you create your personal user guide to help others get along with you better.

💬 The story
A microwave and a vacuum cleaner always come with a user manual. So do all products. But people don’t, until now...

The objective of a personal user guide is to speed up trust and effective communication in your life. At your work, for job applications or during job interviews. And, why not, at home, with your partner, your friends or within your sports team.

However, writing such a guide is not easy. That’s where we at CaPPr‘s come in. We decided to help you make a personality-based user guide. It’s quick, accurate and fun to do.

🚀 How it works
We apply research findings of the big 5 personality traits in all kinds of key life areas. And we developed a visual questionnaire that lets you measure your personality in just a few minutes.

Your personality profile serves as a basis for your personal user guide. Then you can invite your contacts to read your personal user guide. Therefor, they need to do the personality questionnaire themselves first. As soon as we know both profiles, your user guide will be shown to your contacts from their personality perspective.

You can read the more in-depth story on my blog: https://gijs.to/guide. Thanks and let me know what you think! 👍🏻
What am I supposed to do with this?! I worked out I can drag the heart to the top or bottom picture, then the picture changes. How many times must this be done? Am I supposed to pick a preferred picture?! It's a mystery!
@ianmayman Thanks for you question. This is actually explained in one sentence before starting the test:

"You will see two images at a time. Swipe the heart to the one that best shows who you are. The test will take a couple of minutes."

Wasn't this clear to you or didn't you read it?
@gijsheerkens I some see so many notices and popups, most them asking me to accept cookies or enable something, and sometimes I'll just skip through it without realising. Maybe that's what happened here.

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