Get Bitcoin/USD cashback on any debit or credit card, from purchases made


Get Bitcoin/USD cashback on any debit or credit card, from purchases made

Pei links with your debit or credit card to earn you up to 20% cashback in Bitcoin or USD from your purchases made anywhere. Shop as you normally would and let Pei get you a little something extra, saving you time and money! 🎉

Hi Betalist Community!

Thank you for the feature, we are incredibly excited to share what the team at Pei has been working on. 🎉🎉🎉

We initially started Pei because we wanted to empower people financially through the most convenient solutions. But we did not want to just regurgitate your finances, in hopes that you would change your behavior. So we instead built a platform that connected brands to their customers, providing the most rewarding way to save.

Pei is a mobile app that allows you to unlock credit-card style benefits on any of your pre-existing debit and credit cards. You just have to link your card to the app and that's it. Pei will automatically return you up to 20% cashback from our partner merchants, which can then be cashed out for Bitcoin our USD.

Some things that really make Pei unique:

💸 Pei supports the largest catalog of cards, so you can unlock Pei benefits on your debit card without loopholes or even earn extra benefits on your existing credit cards!

💸Pei has the most robust merchant network, offering cashback from the places you already love. Including: Trader Joe's, Forever 21, Exxon, Gamestop, In-n-out, and 38,000 more.

💸 Pei is completely automatic! You do not need to shop through the app, clip coupons, or take pictures of your receipt. You link a card and that's it!

💸Pei allows you to unlock and earn cashback in Bitcoin!

💸You can unlock cashback without limits via anywhere cashback engagements!

Thank you again Betalist! Please feel free to reach out to us via our website or emailing us, [email protected]


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