We provide startup entrepreneurs with a way to monetize their reputation

A businesses' reputation & their ability to be referred to others can be a key differentiator in their success. Our goal with the Panoton platform is to provide the market with a 360 view of a businesses' reputation and the ability to create and monetize that reputation through referrals.

We leverage existing social media, connections, clients, revenue, references, skills, experience & more to create a current and trusted picture of your personal & professional reputation. Build your company and teams online to leverage and execute on services & projects for your clients and explore how your network can monetize your reputation.

Offering beta users an opportunity to for $300...($50 guaranteed) to run through a series of tests in the Month of February. This along with being an early adopter of the platform will create a rare opportunity to begin building a network based on real reputation. Where real revenue can be created by the value you provide.

*This offer is limited to the fist 100 Beta Users to complete the specified list of activities. Beta user with the highest reputation at the end of the month will earn an additional $250

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