One page profile and portfolio you can create in minutes


One page profile and portfolio you can create in minutes

Pagefolio is your one page profile and portfolio you can create in minutes. Add apps, products, blogs, books or anything you want. Pagefolio helps you get more audience to your works.

You can also discover other portfolios and products using our Pagefolio Discovery System.

Hello everyone!

Founder of Pagefolio here. We are super excited to be featured on BetaList. :)

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.
Would be great if something like this could integrate into my personal website. I don't want to have a separate website just for a portfolio!
@AWill2Go That's a great suggestion Alex. I've had a similar thought. A portfolio widget users can add into their personal website. That's definitely in the pipeline. May be in the phase 2. :)
What makes Pagefolio unique compared to About.me, Carrd, Somebody.io, Follow Me, etc.?
@askdaylen I expected this question from the beginning. Glad you asked.

Those are popular and really good products . But most of them have too many things to set up. Too many signup questions, different templates, fonts, etc. These options are actually good but not everyone puts the effort or has the time. They would have been better if we could setup easily and get more visitors.

That's where Pagefolio comes in. Pagefolio will have a very simple, minimal and neat design so that your visitors will more focus on your portfolio, which helps you to get more audience and equal attention to all your works.

Also, Pagefolio helps you to discover other people, products, blogs, apps, etc using our Pagefolio Discovery System.

Sign up to get early access and give it a try. :)
Are you still around? I see a Website Suspended message when I go to http://www.pagefolio.co

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