One Word Domains

Database of all available & brandable one word domains

One Word Domains

Database of all available & brandable one word domains

One Word Domains is a collection of available and brandable one-word domains for your next startup idea. Our top-level domains (TLDs) include .ai, .app, .co, .com, .io, .to, and 20+ more.On One Word Domains, you can filter the lists of words by word length, category (adjectives, nouns, verbs, positive terms, etc.), and premium status. You can also save the domains you like and copy all of them to your clipboard for further research. With the "More Like This" feature, you can find related terms to a particular word that also have available domains associated with them. Domain owners can also choose to list their domains on the site for a nominal fee.

Thanks a lot for featured One Word Domains! Since I applied to BetaList, a lot of new features have been added to the site:

- 23 new TLDs (.to, .me, .dev, .so, .org, etc.) + a Domain Hacks category (think instagr.am, youtu.be)

- Saved Domains feature: you can now save the domains you like when browsing through the lists on One Word Domains. Then, you can go to your saved domains page and copy all of them to your clipboard for further research!

- More filters: You can now filter by length, or you can choose to hide premium domains if that's not within your budget.

- Featured domains: Domain owners can now list their domains on the site for a nominal fee.

I'm always open to feedback so if any of you have something in mind, please let me know in the comments below!
@FNTey featuring*

Apparently I can't type with proper grammar when I'm too excited 😳
FREE GIVEAWAY - We're giving out an À La Carte pass (valued at $9) to a random BetaList user who likes and comments something funny/interesting our BetaList post! This will give you access to one extra TLD on the site of your choice. 🥳

Giveaway lasts until midnight PST today (that's about 24 hours from now), so act fact!! 🤩
Been using OWD since it for featured on ProductHunt and I'm very happy to see it on BetaList as well!! Other than a great site for me to procrastinate at, it is something I wish was invented before. Would've saved me so much time. Great work!!
@oraoranetwork Thanks a lot for the kind words! Glad you were able to find this tool useful! Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how I can make it better 😊
Just recently discovered One Word Domains! It's the goto site for all things TLDs/domains. All our side projects will be setup on OWD from now on... 🤑
@VC101Team Thank you so much for the support, Vyoma! I'm glad to be of service! 😉
Great site, perfect for domain lovers like myself!
@rolandtshen Thanks a lot, Roland! Really appreciate the support! 😇
I have never thought that choosing a name for my startup can be so fun! Thanks a lot for creating such a useful tool, I've been using it for a while now. Also, your weekly newsletter is something I look forward too, even though I would like to see more information on domain sales.

Good luck!
@Anzhelika_M22 Thank you so much for the detailed feedback and encouraging words, Anzhelika! Really appreciate your constant support and thoughtful suggestions! 🥰
This looks sick! Will be so handy too -- thanks @FNTey !
+1 to all the comments here!
Huge kudos to Steven for bootstrapping all of this together & making all our lives a little easier ;)

Brb got to hunt more domains on OWD!
@abishekdharshan Thank you so much for the encouraging words, Abi! Really appreciate your support and I hope I'm able to help you find the names you want for your project! ;)
Incredibly useful not just to find a cool domain but even to find the right name for your startup (plus assurance that you will be able to get a nice domain for it)! Highly recommend. Been hooked since I heard about it on Hackernoon!
@ALETNA_music Damn, thanks a lot for the kind words, Aletna! Glad you found this tool useful!
I love using OWD. It makes it so much easier to find a short and easy to remember domain for my side projects. Happy to see that this service is getting the recognition it deserves! My only suggestion is to make a feature called "Pun Word Domains" that has domains made out of funny puns!
@ScheuerCharles Thanks a lot Charles!! Really appreciate the support, and glad you were able to find some brandable domains for your side projects with OWD! Appreciate the suggestion - I'm actually working on something similar right now, so stay tuned! ;)
Love this - awesome names on there! Definitely bookmarking to use for my next side project :)
@ryancwc_ Thanks a lot Ryan! Really glad that you found this useful! 😊
My go-to name generation tool whenever I'm looking for new domains to add to my portfolio... Also, Steven is in ANOTHER LEAGUE when it comes to product development - every week this seems to get better and better!
@williamjhpowell Wow, thank you so much for the high praise, William! Really appreciate the constant support - can't wait to roll out more features and provide a better user experience in the weeks/months to come!
Amazing tool! Up there with the big boys.

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