Automate your social media schedule


Automate your social media schedule

Octoforce is a social media scheduling application that automatically recycles your updates. This way you get a consistent publishing schedule, you reach more followers and you save yourself a lot of time.

Why recycle? Because a lot of what you share is evergreen, your followers might not be online when you first share something, you get new followers who might benefit from older content and because it allows you to focus on quality over quantity. Sounds like a no-brainer.

Hi all!

This project has grown out of a hobby thing I created just for myself. I have been actively using it for the past 6 months, so I know it works and it can bring real benefits. It has saved me a lot of time with inputting & curating posts, time I now use to actually talk to ppl on social media (crazy right?).

I am now at a stage where the basics are fleshed out and I need some input what direction to take it so a whole lot more people can use it on a daily basis. Some social media power users who just love testing new tools to make their workflow easier.

I'll be around to answer any questions that may come up.
Hey Simon,
Great product!

How is it different from Buffer and other post scheduling products?
@inavneetjain thanks mate!

Now for your question: there are of course similarities with multiple other scheduling products, after all, the main task is scheduling (can't go very crazy there).

2 main differences to Buffer (and similar products) are: categories and recycling.


Each post is assigned to one category & when setting up your calendar, you have to also choose what category to post from at the selected time. Eg. you can choose to post something from 'Monday Madness' every Monday at 4pm, something from '#tgif' every Friday at 10am or 'My Blog Posts' every weekday at a different time. Or anything else that floats your boat.

The benefit is that it's easier to spread out your content & to make sure you are adding value as well as promoting your own product in the right distribution.

It's also easier to create good quality posts if you already have a certain kind of central topic in mind.


A second difference is that posts are not removed after being published. You can think of each of your categories as a long ordered line or queue. Every time Octoforce needs to schedule something from a category, the first post in that line is taken. After scheduling, it is added to the back of the line. As you add extra posts to the category, it is inserted in the middle off the line and the line becomes longer. After a certain amount of time, your old posts will be rescheduled again.

This allows you to focus on quality over quantity while remaining sure that your queue is always nicely filled up.

There are a lot more differences, but those are way smaller. The 2 above are probably the biggest.
Thanks for replying !
I will surely use it :)
Simon - you may want to change the wording a little - it's *rather* close to Edgar's home page... just saying...

- Choose Your Posting Schedule
Tell us when you want to post what.
Do you want to tweet something from '#mondaymorning' every Monday at 10am? We got ya. Share something from 'Fun Stuff' every Friday around 5pm? Consider it done.

- Create a posting schedule
Tell Edgar what types of updates to share at which times. Want him to tweet something from the “Blog links” category every Tuesday at 10 am? Done. Want him to post a Facebook update from your “Hilarious memes” category every Friday night at 6? Challenge accepted!

P.S. Disclosure - I'm the founder of SmarterQueue, launching next month - we have Categories, Evergreen Recycling, Content Curation, Competitor Analysis, and much, much more.
@SmarterQueue thanks for the comment mate. Updating the homepage + text is def. on the agenda, just not a priority right now.

Yours looks pretty slick as well. I guess competition is a good thing, makes everybody involved up their game :)
I'll use this app for sure, i like the recicle feature commented above, extra features could make the difference between this App and Buffer, also keeping it simple and clean can attract many customers.
I've made a video with what would be my ideal app for schedule https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCil8wInEiw

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