Password Manager That Doesn't Store Your Passwords In The Cloud


Password Manager That Doesn't Store Your Passwords In The Cloud

Myki is a Secure Password Manager & Authenticator designed with Privacy in Mind. It allows you to login to any account on your phone or computer with a fingerprint. You can also share access to your accounts without revealing the password.

This product is extremely useful after all the cloud hacks going on - they don't store passwords in the cloud! They help you login on any computer using your fingerprint. I downloaded the App - it's very cool and I totally recommend it. Thumbs up to myki!
@abousleimanK Thank you for your comment Karim. To expand on what you said. Myki is the only password manager & authenticator that doesnt store your passwords in the cloud yet allows you to login to any account on any computer. The way that it works is as follows:

1- Your passwords are securely stored on your phone.
2- You can pair your myki app with any browser by scanning a QR code which creates an encrypted peer to peer connection between the phone and the computer browser
3- Whenever you want to login, you receive a login request via push notification on your phone. You approve it by using your fingerprint or by typing a pin code. This logs you in.

Some of the huge advantages of our approach are the following:
- Your passwords are not in the cloud so if we get hacked or get a government request, you are safe. I cannot stress that point enough. Every day password managers and SSO solutions get hacked because of the fact that they store your sensitive data in the cloud. We are the only secure and convenient solution.
- We are able store your two-factor authentication tokens and automatically fill them in the browser for you.

Get the app from https://myki.co/download we are live on Android and iPhone.

For more information about our privacy policy visit: https://myki.co/privacy
What happens if I lose my phone/computer? Are all my passwords gone? Also, if I'm in a far-away country (and don't have my phone) and need to log into something, if there's no cloud syncing, how will this work?
@danielmbure Thank you for reaching out! We keep a secure backup of your accounts on the computer(s) that you are paired to this way if you lose your phone/computer you can recover your accounts.

To answer your second question: Myki works independently of the SIM card that is on your phone so, if you are in another country Myki still works.
Now, if we take the very special case that you stated when you travel for a long period of time and decide not to take your phone with you during this long trip it probably means that you're planning to disconnect from the digital world so logging into your accounts is probably not part of the plan haha. + where would you login from? a public computer? and you want to type into that your master password to unlock your cloud synced vault? Please dont do that!

Myki stores your passwords away from the cloud so that hackers and foreign governments have no way of accessing them.
Myki doesnt have a master password that could be stolen from you.
Yet With Myki you can still login to all of your accounts on any computer by pairing your phone with any browser (even public computers).
Its just an easier, safer and future proof way of authenticating.

Im happy to answer any more questions that you might have, you can reach me at [email protected]

To download Myki on Android/iPhone visit https://myki.co/download
You can find our privacy policy at https://myki.co/privacy
@carryfierce Thanks for the answer. The uphill task you will face is selling privacy vs. convenience going by how people blindly use cloud services despite the risks. Local = privacy ; Cloud = convenience. Thanks for building a fantastic alternative all the same! All the best!
I love the idea, it's easy to use and very secure at the same time, i really love the design, it's the only password manager i saw with a cool design. keep it up
I think it's by far the best password manager i've used.

The best feature is the sharing center, where I can easily share my accounts without even revealing the passwords to the person i shared them to.

I also like the mood and vibes the app send you with its dark theme, it feels like i'm in the inside of a very secure and well hidden vault.

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