Investment Thesis Management System

MonoThesis is an investment Thesis Management System (TMS) that automatically organizes information for you. It's designed for investment analysts to keep track of not just their current investments but also their ideas pipeline in a visual manner.

You can upload all relevant research such as meeting notes, company filings, and industry reports and MonoThesis will automatically link them to the relevant stocks so you can spend less time organizing and more time analyzing.

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Just wanted to drop everyone some quick background information. MonoThesis exists because through a lot of conversation with institutional investors we found that their primary tools were still mostly Email and Excel. Some of the more progressive funds would add in OneNote, Dropbox or Evernote to solve the pain point of organising their information. Most couldn't do that because those tools aren't made for finance and only solve half the problem.

MonoThesis is intended for institutional investors who are always trying to better themselves, we believe organising information should be automated so that you can spend more time analysing it and outperforming the market. If you're familiar with the investment space either as casual or professional investor we'd love to hear from you.
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Product sounds really cool! Is the product only for publicly listed stocks? Or will you have the ability to connect other exchanges (cryptocurrencies, commodities etc)?
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@startxmark Hey Mark, we actually just added support for non-ticker based theses due to user feedback. That means we at least support documenting research into private companies in addition to the public ones.

As for connecting to other exchanges like cryptocurrencies or commodities then that's not something we do yet but it would be easy for us to do, as our systems are already set up to pull data from multiple exchanges. Time wise it would really mostly depend on the API support of the exchange and the difficulty of normalising the data they provide.

Is there any specific exchange you'd like to see integrated?
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@mfjordvald Thank you for the quick response! I didn't have a particular exchange in mind just yet (will let you know if I do) although like the sounds of being able to add other investments in there in addition to public stocks!

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