Mobile chat system that improves mobile lead generation conversions

MobiChat is a patent pending mobile lead generation chat system that allows customers to complete mobile forms right in the chat. The chat is browser based and has a responsive design which works on all smartphones. The RealCapture platform was built so advertisers can customize as much or as little of the experience they want. Advertisers can chat with customers via our desktop CRM, mobile apps, or API. Customers get instant engagement and the ability to submit their information all in one place. Advertisers get the ability to communicate with customers in real time with no app downloads or extra requirements. The system is very scalable and was built so that any size company can use it. As the world gets more digital and less personal consumers are more demanding than ever. They want information instantly and on their mobile phone. MobiChat lets you seamlessly provide this information but also get what you need to turn visitors into leads.

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