Design a beautiful, personal website in seconds


Design a beautiful, personal website in seconds

Million.ai creates beautiful, personal websites in seconds by pulling user data from niche industry apps in order to construct professional portfolios. Through the power of artificial intelligence, our website-as-a-service platform automatically designs and styles the content of a website according to industry trends and user preferences.

In doing so, Million.ai serves as a central hub for professionals in target markets that lead rich digital lives: software developers, the video gaming industry, photographers, graphic designers, students, journalists, athletes, financial traders, and more.

Hey guys! Over a hundred retweets in 20min! Appreciate the love! Happy to answer questions.
Nice concept. You guys have great potential to market this product. Wish you good luck.
@sampathspeaks Thank you Sampath. Yeah we think there is a big gap in the market here
@LayneSadler With right growth strategy in place, Million.ai could easily be a healthy competitor to most similar products out there.

I guess you haven't figured out that part yet? You should start with identifying right messaging

1. Be very specific - "Product will be launched in a few months" is a big NO. I will turn away & never come back. Instead you could write "We are launching on 1st of Jan, 2017. We will be reaching out to every beta sign up from then"

2. Under Features - Search Engine Optimization:

"Drive more traffic to your site! We structure your content so that you rank higher in Google searches." - I am going to assume that you will be doing a round of work on the content I post, which is not true.

You could instead simply say "SEO is a right mixture of technology + content. We cover the technical part for you, with search engine friendly coding in place"

Just my 2 cents.

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