Data science community for the climate


Data science community for the climate

Mattermore's mission is to get the best and the brightest to build data-driven solutions to climate change.

We want to help professionals find problems to solve and people to solve them with - and turn those relationships into collaborative work, projects, and full-time jobs.

Dear Betalist community!

Mattermore is still just a baby, but we have big plans for it. Our goal at the end of the day is to make it fun and easy for everybody in the tech community to do high-impact work, where they can earn well, learn fast and help turn the direction of climate change 180 degrees. The more there are people inventing, building and scaling solutions to climate change, the better the future for all of us!

So why start with AI and data science?

Reversing climate change is essentially a humongous coordination problem of a global scale. Solving it requires fundamental changes in technology, business models, incentives and policies in almost every sector of the economy. We believe that the exponential growth in both large-scale sensor data and in the technologies of data science & machine learning will enable us to create a fundamental layer of intelligence that will help us take care of our precious resources, use technology more effectively and assess the impact of policies at global and hyperlocal levels.

Hope you enjoy Mattermore and find what we are doing useful!
We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas and feedback!

Founder, Mattermore

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