Pitch your startup to over 3,800 journalists in one go


Pitch your startup to over 3,800 journalists in one go

Mailroom is a desktop app for getting press. Instead of manually researching and emailing journalists to get press for your product or start-up (which can take a huge amount of time), Mailroom provides you with a searchable and downloadable database of over 3,800 journalists from the world's top publications - right from your desktop.

Mailroom then provides the ability to reach out with personalized emails in bulk to these journalists from your own email account - so you can quickly and efficiently pitch your product and get your startup written about.

Some people on Twitter are, in my opinion rightfully, expressing some concerns about sending thousands of journalists the same email.

The description "Pitch your startup to over 3,800 journalists in one go" suggests Mailroom sends out one email to everyone, but your website copy talks about personalisation and researching which journalists to reach out to.

Can you clarify how exactly Mailroom works and perhaps alleviate some of those concerns?
Sure! And thank you so much for the feature 🎉

The tagline is indeed sensationalist - however, we aim to change it to 17,800 rather than 3,800 (it's currently 13,800) as we are adding more and more reporters every day.

The concern on Twitter at the moment from journalists' perspective is effectively "how will this operate for us?"

The answer is very simple - the database acts as an offline repository for startups to search public information on journalists such as their names, email addresses, positions and the publications they work for.

This information can then be used to send pitches in bulk that use this information as merge fields directly from the users desktop.

The best thing about this outreach is that unlike Mailchimp or list services - the emails come directly from your personal email address.

We also want to introduce far more information on the reporters in our database in the near future such as Twitter handles, interests, fields and location.

The sheer amount of updates we'd like to bring in was the reasoning behind the lifetime payment model rather than any kind of subscription system.

Sending thousands of journalists the same email will at best get your product blacklisted and at worst get your domain shut down for spam.

This is why we are running Mailroom Month right now https://www.mailroom.press/month/ a programme of which 15k+ people are already subscribed, that details how to reach out to journalists, how to write a release and how to pitch a story - to advise people on how best to use the tool.

The emails so far are public and available here: http://us14.campaign-archive1.com/home/?u=5fc314faba3f423b41b009ff4&id=481a715c01

Mailroom has, in the last month, already helped raise $1M in backing for a Kickstarter campaign and been used by over 40 beta testers to a large degree of success in getting their projects featured in the press.

The bottom line is, Mailroom will be a tool you could potentially use aggressively and render your payment for the app worthless. Or, it can be used efficiently as an alternative to a PR agency to reach out to journalists in your niche, without the huge time suck that manual outreach involves.

If anyone is interested - I wrote a post about the origins of the app here: https://medium.com/@SupArchie/being-top-three-on-product-hunt-and-getting-over-11-000-sign-ups-in-eight-days-made-me-realise-c928a2f31118

Looking forward to any questions! 📬

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