Luup-X eBike

The All Terrain Fat Tire Carbon Fibre E-bike with Longest Ranger

Luup-X eBike is made for the road, mountain, urban traffic and snowy days – Terrains which balance, braking power, grip and visibility are vital. For this reason we have equipped your luup-x with the best components to crush every terrain no matter where you ride.Our bikes are made to get there – quickly, reliably and without interruptions. The efficient mid motor and the high-quality batteries allow peak ranges up to 180 km (120 miles). Your Luup-x can achieve an extra range of up to 20 percent through regenerative braking and is ready for the next stage after a brief charging time at the socket. Luup-x is 3 times lighter (weighs just 50lbs with battery) than any fat tire bikes ever made.

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