Share your links, privately, quietly, simply


Share your links, privately, quietly, simply

Linbox is a free tool to share your links privately and quietly to finally have an alternative to all those notifications we got and those links we get in all messaging apps or inboxes.

Links can often wait, but moreover they need us to be focus. We created Linbox to share and store those links you want to be read when you'd like to read them. No more time-consuming interruptions, no more « hey, have you seen that link I sent yesterday? », no more « where did I saved this link again? ». There is Linbox for that.

Hi guys 👋

I developed Linbox on a side project after being so many times disturbed by a link people sent me during a working day.

You were in that situation once : you get a notification, you click the link, it's a YouTube video and you are in a middle of a meeting. You think « I will check that later » and… you don't. Or you send yourself an email. Hello, this is 2018, what are you doing?

Linbox allows you to store links for yourself (bye-bye emails) or share links with people you added in your network without disturbing them (they can get an email right away, but they can get also a daily email telling them to check their links).

Tons of features are scheduled to be added in the next weeks. Please tell me what you think of Linbox, what you think is missing and I will be happy to answer you!


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