Discover and share the best gameplay highlights


Discover and share the best gameplay highlights

Leet is a platform for gamers to discover and share the best gameplay highlights.

Browse killer highlights in the home feed, or upload your own by simply connecting your YouTube or Xbox accounts, then trim and share your best gameplay moments. Leet is built for gamers, by gamers.

Hey everyone!

My names Corey - I'm one of the co-founders of Leet :)

Leet was built by gamers, for gamers. So you're input and feedback is super important to us!

We will be sure to send beta invites as quickly as humanly possible. Once you're onboard we would love to hear what you think about all aspects of the app (good or bad).

Feel free to reach out to me directly as well - either on Twitter @cpollo01 or via email [email protected]

Talk soon!
I don't play a lot of games these days, but I can see the appeal for die-hard gamers. First question that jumped to mind though is how you get these videos into the app?
@marckohlbrugge Great question! We connect directly with your YouTube for XboxOne account (using your gamertag). From there it's a quick 3 step process to view, trim, and share your clips! We wanted to make Leet as inclusive and platform agnostic as possible - so this setup allows the upload of videos from Xbox, PS4, and PC :)
@cpollo01 Ah right, and I assume there are countless of services to record videos and send them to YouTube. Would be cool if you could integrate with these directly to besides "Upload to YouTube" there would also be an "Upload to Leet" option.

Something Twitter did earlier on to promote third-party Twitter clients was to show for each tweet through which client it was sent. I imagine that if you'd do the same for these screen recording services they would be more inclined to integrate with your API as it would basically be free advertising them to their target audience.
@marckohlbrugge Ugh I really need to build an "Edit comment" feature 🤔
@marckohlbrugge That is a very interesting idea. Noted! :D

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