All-in-one tool for creative project management and media content review


All-in-one tool for creative project management and media content review

KROCK.io is designed to manage your creative projects and online proofing effectively and painlessly. It's an intuitive platform that does not require any onboarding hustle and allows the clients to review the results of the work right where the project is governed. Built by creatives for creatives, Krock.io includes storyboards creation; comprehensive feedback feature with an ability to add visual and text comments on any media files, mention people and attach files; built-in review & approval feature; Gantt chart; Slack and Zoom integrations, and many more.

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I'm looking forward to meeting new users. Check this out, fellows.
Hi guys! Alex, the founder of Krock.io, is here. Thanks a lot for your support and interest in our platform. I decided to share some behind-the-scenes facts 😊

Initially, Krock was built for internal use of our animation studio - Hound Studio.

We created Krock out of our own necessity for an app to manage animation projects, collaborate within our team and freelancers, track the work progress, and ensure all deadlines were met.

We also needed an intuitive online tool where the clients could review our work and share their feedback.

We did our best to combine the two latter and make a simple, easy-to-use platform both for creators and their clients.
After all, smooth workflow and clear client communication - are the two pillars for a great outcome in any creative industry!

I will be happy to answer all your questions regarding Krock.io in the comments 🤩

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