The private sharing space for your family


The private sharing space for your family

Kindaba is a private safe and ad-free space to share family photos, videos, and updates with everyone who matters. Parents use Kindaba to share updates of kids activities with family near and far. Kindaba isn't a mainstream social network. You can't be found on Kindaba, there are no ads, and we don't sell any of your data. We're working on a dedicated experience for very young children so they can legally share things with family while making sure parents feel at ease. Kindaba is a social impact company and focus on bringing down barriers to technology.

Hey everyone! 👋

We’re really excited to share Kindaba with Betalist today after months of work 😊 Kindaba is a private simple sharing space for your family.

I’ve always wanted my family to be more connected. I’d set up shared google drive accounts, make a family Slack team, even toyed with the idea of getting everyone a google apps subscription so we could have one place to store our memories.

None of it worked! My family is spread all over the world and we’re all pretty privacy conscious. A few years ago, something weird started happening: it seemed like everyone started procreating🐣.

Every few months it seemed, there was a new cousin popping up and we all were trying to find a way to stay connected.

What we wanted sounded simple: We wanted our own version of Facebook that was super simple and absolutely private. We didn’t want any ads, and we wanted it to be easy enough for Caroline and Alan (my parents) to use.

After about 18 months of trying everything under the sun and asking others what they used, we realised there was a common pain point. So we set out to solve it for everyone.

The result is Kindaba - we’re at the MVP stage right now and are looking for as much feedback as we can get. It doesn’t do everything we want it to do, and we’re working on it all the time, but are excited about how it’s gone so far, and, crucially Alan & Caroline think it’s ’not bad’. High praise indeed 😎

From baby journals, to toddler-friendly family messenger, to private social network. We have high hopes for Kindaba, and we’re looking to you for advice and feedback.
It looks different to the common social media out there, keeping my eyes on this one.

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