Music Streaming for the Sharing Economy


Music Streaming for the Sharing Economy

Humbolt is a digital music distribution application similar to Soundcloud & Bandcamp but provides a unique way for artist and fans to connect like they have never before. Because Humbolt is hyper-social fans are encouraged to reward artists directly in exchange for exclusive content and insights into their creative process.

Simple really - Subscribe & Support Artists

@dobisawesome the copy needs work.

I love the name though.

Music Streaming for the Sharing Economy (?)
I had to look up with the sharing economy even meant. From an SEO perspective do you think that's what people are going to search for? Don't you really mean music streaming and discovery for independent artists?

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How about "Help Humbolt support the careers of independent musicians by joining us on our journey. Streaming to 'add a dynamic counter' on launch day"
<Email Signup Form>

Otherwise, the today portion has improper punctuation !.

Humbolt is the only streaming platform dedicated to success independent artist and labels
.....dedicated to the success of independent artists and their labels.

Your copy is not very good and it is definitely not the only streaming platform, there are countless artists on Spotify. I would suggest the differentiator be that MUSIC DISCOVERY of independent artists and their labels is what would make you different.

Thanks Ryan. We'll look into your suggestions.
@dobisawesome better but one more change would be better
launch 1 million careers in music
launch 1 million music careers

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