Host Notion

Custom domains for Notion

Host Notion

Custom domains for Notion

Host Notion will host your Notion pages under your own domain. Zero code, zero config, fast and easy. Ideal for your blog, wiki, docs or portfolio.

No more copying and pasting as your content is all in one place. Real-time publishing means your website is always up to date. And your visitors see your brand, not Notion's, so you get all the SEO benefits.

50% off any plan with code BETALIST (valid until February 21, 2020)

Hello! 👋 Maker here.

I absolutely love Notion and I now want to use it for everything – even my websites – so I've spent the past few months building this out to make that possible. I'm now using Notion for my blog and for our company wiki and I believe this is truly the future of publishing! I'm a perfectionist that struggles to publish but knowing that it's so easy to change later, I now publish my draft and edit instantly as needed. And I love how easy it is to embed any content and how clean it looks.

Happy to answer any questions!
@jordnb why the relatively steep pricing, what technology has went into this to justify that? Why is with a domain from Hostnotion $99/month and without $29? A domain is only $8 or so, so why that much of a pricebump? There are fully featured website builders that charge less than this, but you're using Notion for this. Sounds overpriced, but surely there's more behind it?

Please take my feedback not as something meant to put you down. I'm very very interested in the service itself but.. this pricing doesn't allow me to justify it at all, even with 50% off.
@LucasHogie yeah, i have to admit, pricing was the first thing that hit me. Github pages is free. Most blogging/web hosting plans have a free plan, and their first plan is way less than this.

I would suggest having a free plan that includes X pages. Then charge gradually for additional pages after that. This allows people to try out your service, and then pay when they get addicted.

@jordnb love the idea though! We use Notion loads. Would love to try this out if there was a freemium model.
@tagspace One more thing to add:
I'm guessing that the pricing was targeted to B2B customers, which is clever. However, the writing, the graphics, and the marketing all targets B2C. The offering itself would be more fitting for independent customers, who don't have the budget for $99 a month, too. Could be wrong about that, but I feel a business would just build their own site instead of using Notion pages.
@LucasHogie You're completely right. Good pricing strategy is able to price-discriminate for the value provided to customer's and their willingness to pay. It's not uncommon to see an offering which is dirt cheap to hobbyists and developers, but goddamn crazy expensive for enterprise. They do this by offering a feature set that is able to filter for each customer set: things like SSO, support SLAs and reporting for enterprises.

At the moment, you're right that the marketing and premium offering probably misses that mark. Tbh, hasn't been out focus so much yet but we have things in our roadmap, in addition to password-protection, such as customised styling and branding which justifies a more premium offering to those who get that value.

Thanks for your interest and thoughts! 👊 Great motivation to keep pushing on this.
@tagspace Thanks for the suggestions and the love for the idea!

The pricing is based on the value at the moment. Ghost charges $29 and I think this is genuinely a better platform and much nicer to use.

That said, experimenting pricing strategy is still something we're looking into. And a way to offer a cheaper, more limited, offering is something we'll hope to do. Thanks!
Comparing yourself with Ghost is utterly ridiculous! You don't own or develop any of the authoring tools, you only offer a service to host content created on someone else's platform (who you are completely at the mercy to). Ghost is a well established feature rich publishing platform, the value you offer doesn't come anywhere close. There is also a well known tutorial that helps you host notion pages at a custom domain for free. Your pricing is way of the mark.
I'm with ElWoodP. Comparing yourself to the Ghost Platform is an absolute joke. Ghost is a non-profit, full-featured CMS, with excellent, top-notch support and community behind it. You can experience the value from start to finish with Ghost.

Notion is the same. Excellent platform backed by an awesome community and support.

Notion Hosting - the thing *you* are doing feels like a lame money grab with no real understanding of the community you are pretending to help. You don't even have the good graces to come up with a brand name that doesn't infringe on IP you don't own.

I've set up self-hosted Notion and there are a number of problems, especially on mobile views - problems *you* can't solve because you don't own the platform.

You've taken what could have been a great goodwill gesture to the Notion community and turned it into some lame business experiment. I hope Notion HQ shuts this down or at least forces you to change the name so it doesn't infringe on their property.

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