The Easiest Way to Create an Optimal Crypto Portfolio


The Easiest Way to Create an Optimal Crypto Portfolio

Holderlab is a fully automated cryptocurrency portfolio management laboratory. Analysis of the cryptocurrencies correlation, searching for the optimal cryptocurrency portfolio weights. Uses crypto trading bots for rebalance and the crypto index tool for optimization portfolio.

Hi everyone, my name is Valo, I want to introduce you our crypto portfolio management platform.

The service analyzes 5000 different combinations of the crypto portfolio and selects the most optimal one. The service has testing, where you can test the structure of your portfolio or the created optimal portfolio and compare the results.

Key Features of Holderlab:

Creating and analyzing a crypto portfolio in steps.
Those you use the API keys to connect the exchange you are interested in, select Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and follow the steps to analyze your portfolio.

Crypto portfolio optimization.
Create or upload your crypto portfolios and analyze the optimal distribution of assets in your portfolio.

Crypto portfolio correlation analysis.
Major cryptocurrencies and stablecoins allow you to reduce the correlation of your portfolio, you can check the correlation of your portfolio on the service - always free.

Rebalancing a crypto portfolio.
You can create rules for automatic rebalancing of the crypto portfolio and set threshold or period parameters and their combination depending on the strategy you have chosen.

Backtest portfolio.
You can save or load your created crypto portfolios from other modules, conduct testing on the selected historical period.

Single dashboard.
All portfolios in one place. The ability to display single statistics and graphs of portfolio performance in one window

We welcome your comments, feedback, ideas for improving the service. We are also especially pleased with the early adopters. Now most of the functions on the service are free and open.

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