Produce a live stream with your friends


Produce a live stream with your friends

Hivecast is the first, team based live streaming application. Invite your friends to share their stream, then double tap to transition between videos to produce a multi-angle live show.

Can't wait until we can livestream our events via HiveCast!
@StartupMKE - Let us know how we can help make that happen!
This is perfect for sports. I can't wait to stream Spikeball! Great for multiple angles in a 360 game.
@JordanDavis2 - Spikeball would be a great use case!
We're really looking forward to using this for our Lunch & Learns at Headway and for live meetups at Digital Fertilizer! This is a game changer!
Very cool. Do you have any in investors?
Good question @Brambilabong . We raised a pre-seed round and are currently raising our seed round.
Excited to see this used in big and small settings. Cool tech for sure!
This is an exceptional app that I know members will use as well as myself, coming from an expert in a membership-based industry. The amount of events and programs that we do would help keep attendees engaged with this type of app.

Not only does this app scream engagement, it also speaks to the tune of high volume event coverage in my world. Hats off to the developers and CEO. You will make many entertainment and event-based companies/organizations happy that people can be testimonials rather than having staff behind the scenes trying to capture every moment.
Thanks for the words of encouragement @murphypai10 ! You're A+ in our book! What other kinds events do you think would work?
@gethivecast Speaking summertime - think Country on the River (one of the biggest country concert venues in the Midwest), County/State Fairs, Arts Festivals, City/Town parades for schools/holidays.

Obviously bars! Think of their major holiday outtings - St. Paddy's, July 4th, Day before Thanksgiving.

Just to name a few.

Think School District - Homecoming, Galas, sports tournament time.

Do you have the ability to save the streams?
Fantastic suggestions @murphypai10 ! Absolutely. The recorded versions of the streams will be saved in each participants profile. We'll also record each contributors full stream and allow users to download them for post production editing.
I imagine how epic Hivecast would be as I pitched. Capturing my passion from every angle!
Absolutely @RachelSumekh ! Can't wait to see what you create.
Can't wait to try this out at @summerfest next year
Wow! I'd love to see this implemented at colleges.
Awesome idea! Can't wait to use this for spikeball, professional sporting events, festivals and more!
This look awesome. I can't wait to see how I can incorporate it into my elementary classroom.
Happy to help make that happen when we release @cmkadow !
Thanks so much @FrshPrncOBelfst . Can't wait to see what you create with it!
actually a cool idea - so after i've lived streamed a video would it be saved on the app or does it disappear afterwards
Thank so much @joseph_adee ! Every participant in the show will have the full broadcast posted to their profile. Depending on server costs, we may even give each participant access to every contributor stream for post production purposes. Still mulling that over though. Any thoughts on places you would use it?

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