Integrated team strategy, tasks, projects, goals & dashboards


Integrated team strategy, tasks, projects, goals & dashboards

Harold is a flexible platform for taking control of your business. Implement strategy in the form of projects, tasks, and goals (metrics / KPIs). Monitor Progress on fully customizable dashboards. Collaborate with your team to get things done.

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Thanks for taking the time to have a look!

Harold is a tool built by WardellInternational.com, a business consulting firm based out of Vancouver, BC Canada. Originally built as a tool to help our clients integrate the cascading goals and projects that come from strategy sessions, we decided it was too good not to share. We've been using Harold with our client base for the last few years as we build, and it has completely changed businesses.

Harold merges project and performance management and allows you and your team to follow progress towards your goals on configurable dashboards. If you've ever felt like your business was spinning out of control, Harold is a tool to make sure that your entire team is pulling on the oars together, at the right time, in the right direction.

Email me at [email protected] with any questions, or post them here.

Awesome product, guys! Harold's taken a lot of manual tasks and stress off my plate.
You had me at "Dunder Mifflin org chart"!
Thanks @NadineNBone It was a difficult choice between Dunder Mifflin and Dilbert. Both are incredible.
@HaroldTheapp You should take a look at "The Adventures of Business Cat"! Lots of inspiration there too :) (and cats as a bonus, obviously).

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