Not your average dating app

Koko is a cheeky, flirtatious dating app that doesn't take the "big love soulmate" business too seriously. It builds matches based on direct indicators of compatibility after completing a rollicking quiz which coaxes users to reveal their preferences in an array of topics ranging from sex, hobbies, and music to complete gibberish, in a quirky, playful tone relatable to most millennials. Koko strives to provide its users with a platform to freely, safely and explicitly share their personal and sexual preferences. It is completely gender-neutral and fully supports the LGBTQ+ community. Its parent company, Ideawise, was one of the first to provide this community with products and optimum support from very early on. Koko is free to download and use and offers premium, subscription-based options too. The app is available for immediate download in the Google PlayStore and the App Store.

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