Photo sharing for fitness professionals

GymSelfie is a mobile photo sharing app that lets you create selfies before and after workout to visually track your progress. The app also connects the community of fitness professionals, bodybuilders and gym goers, who can rate each others' looks. The in-built functionality allows you to set a calendar for taking the next selfie and ensure you've captured all the right gym moments.

Using a variety of frames, you can create selfie collages that both look great and properly represent your progress. GymSelfie is intended for those who regularly share their workout photos and who want honest feedback from the like-minded people.

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Sounds good . Are you guys gonna focus on one particular country or just launch to the whole world ?
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Thanks, Hassan! It's great to hear that you like our app. We are planning to launch for iOS and Android simultaneously in a couple of months, so we will be available to anyone using these platforms. Is there anything in particular that you would like to see in GymSelfie?

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