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GitRadar uses artificial intelligence to help you find the best tech talent for your company.

Register for early access and you'll get a 10% lifetime discount :) Select a skill. We'll find and score candidates for you.

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Probably save us tons of hours in searching for the right people!
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I'd like to see this project kicking soon. Amazing idea!
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Can't wait for this to be live. How does it compare with
Avatar?ixlib=rails 2.1 is more like a digital recruitment agency, that means few major differences.

1. They charge around 15% of the first year salary of an employee. Say that you are a senior developer for $100,000, that's a $15,000 bill, our pricing will start at around $200/month
2. Gitradar uses sophisticated algorithms to evaluate the code of potential candidates without the need of sending a code challenge, which saves a lot of time.
3. And finally market, we specialise in developers (rather than sales, and marketing for example) but can also provide service to recruiters who want to greater speed, access to candidates and provide a better service to companies :)

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