When flirting becomes a real game

Peachy is a dating app that lets you discover your Matches through Peachs! The "Peach" is a challenge, pre-recorded in the app, whose response can be textual, photo, video and audio.

Example; - Jackpot; Video ; What would you do with $ 1 million? - Obsession: Audio; Send me the song that obsesses you right now - Emote; Text; describe yourself in 5 emojis - Make them talk; Photo ; Take pictures of objects that characterize you! How it works? 1 / SWIPE: If you like the profile swipe to the right, otherwise swipe left! 2 / PEACH: After matching, you can exchange peach with your crush! 3 / CHAT: After exchanging 3 Peachs, if she wishes, Madam will be able to unlock the Chat Room!

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